The paprika plant comes from Central and South America, where it was already cultivated around 7,000 B.C.. It came to Europe through Christopher Columbus and some time later the Hungarians realized that the dried fruit is excellent for seasoning. The paprika quality is usually described by an ASTA value. A high value means an intense color intensity, which indicates a high quality. Such a level makes sense insofar as the qualitative differences in paprika can be very large. Of course, other factors such as the origin or the growing conditions are also decisive for the quality.


Origin and harvest time

China: August - October
Peru: August
Spain: September - October
Hungary: September


- powder, ASTA 100 – 200

The product is available in conventional and certified organic quality.

Organic quality

ORGANIC – Paprika powder – specification (PDF, 200KB)

Conventional quality

Paprika powder – specification (PDF, 200KB)