About us

Wana GmbH is a German trading company for organic and conventional goods in the field of herbs, spices, nuts as well as baking and oil seeds. Our customer base ranges from spice companies to oil producers to bakeries, traders and companies in the pharmaceutical industry. We always keep an eye on developments in both the supply of goods and customer demand. Our great flexibility allows us to react immediately on changing market conditions and to satisfy all customer needs


Our company’s success is based to a large extent on our competence in purchasing. Even more important to us than the question of when to buy goods is the question of from which supplier or producer to buy. We have a knowledgeable, global purchasing team and our own production facilities in Africa and the Middle East. We receive our goods directly from the farmers or from certified suppliers whom we can trust completely. Long-term partnerships and close connections are of fundamental importance for us.

Al Wazzan - Purchasing


In addition to our IFS and BIO certificates, we are also an associated member of the German Association of the Spice Industry. In this way and with the help of our experts, we are always up to date with the latest regulations and developments in the industry. In order to ensure the high quality of our goods and the protection of the end consumers, as soon as the goods have arrived in Hamburg, samples are drawn in accordance with EN ISO 948 and VO Nr. 401/2006 and analysed in an accredited laboratory in accordance with the European regulations for food safety. We take the aspect of food safety extremely seriously, not only for legal but also for moral reasons. We would like to help ensure that end consumers are supplied with healthy food. We make the supply chain as transparent as possible so that our customers can get an idea of ​​this. Precise procedures are implemented for each production step and a HACCP plan is applied, which is strictly controlled by hazard analyzes and risk assessments.


On the way from the fields to our customers, every step of the supply chain needs to be precisely planned and monitored. This not only applies to the transport of the goods from the various countries of origin to Hamburg, but also to the transport of the goods directly to our customers. Only certified and reliable shipping companies come into question when it comes to delivering the goods safely to our customers. We can organize everything from small quantities up to hundreds of tons.

Al Wazzan - Logistics Port of Hamburg


Foodstuffs have very different properties, thus the storage conditions must be adapted. Responsible for the spoilage of food are e.g. Microorganisms like molds and bacteria or pests like mites or fruit flies. In order to adequately take these factors into account, we store our goods exclusively at renowned, certified companies, where there are climate-stable and hygienic storage conditions that are constantly monitored. Storaging in Hamburg, Germany’s gateway to the world, offers us the ideal opportunity to work with partners from all over the world. In addition, we have large buffer stocks in our warehouses so that we can supply our customers with sufficient goods at constant prices all around the year. This gives our customers planning security so that they can concentrate on their core business.


Together with our certified partners in Germany we can offer the following:

  • Steam sterilization
  • High pressure CO­2– treatment
  • PH­3 treatment
  • Cleaning
  • Creation of mixes
  • Oil pressing
  • Grinding
  • Repacking


Our goal is that everyone involved benefits, that ethically correct working conditions prevail and that the ecological footprint remains as small as possible. These principles are of the greatest importance to us when selecting our partners here in Germany and in the countries of origin of our goods.