Nigella (Black cumin)

The spicy, slightly hot black cumin seeds and the oil obtained from them, also known as “gold of the Pharaohs”, are enjoying increasing popularity. However the history of black cumin goes back a long way and even the pharaoh Tut-ench-amun was buried with a bottle of black cumin oil to join him in his journey to the afterlife. According to the Islamic prophet Mohammed, black seed oil has a cure for every disease except death. The contained essential oils and unsaturated fatty acids are considered to be extremely healthy and strengthen the immune system, even according to current knowledge. Its taste is also valued. Black cumin is mainly found in oriental cuisine and goes well with, among other things, vegetables, bread and baked goods.


Origin and harvest time

Egypt: July-August
Ethiopia: March - April
India: March - April
Syria: June - July


- whole, Sortex cleaned, purity 99.7 %

The product is available in conventional and certified organic quality.

Organic quality

ORGANIC – Nigella (black cumin) whole – specification (PDF, 200KB)

Conventional quality

Nigella (black cumin) whole – specification (PDF, 200KB)